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Exotic Cat Breed Profile

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The Exotic Shorthair is the enticingly cuddly, shorthaired version of the Persian. They have the short faces of the Persian and a short plush coat which gives them an endearing teddy-bear look. The breed was recognised by most cat associations in the late 1960s.Like their long-coated relatives, they comes in all colors of the cat rainbow. 

Their bodies are short, cobby and much heavier than you would think. Their heads should give a complete impression of roundness – round domed head, small round ears, their eyes large and round and brilliant in colour. Even though their faces are short, they should have as open and sweet an expression as possible. 


Exotic Cat Temperament : Although friendly and humans oriented, this breed has inherited their very tame personality and gentle ways from their Persian ancestry. About twenty years ago, several shorthaired breeds were used as outcrosses to bring in the short coated gene, and as a result, Exotics are often livelier and more interactive than Persians.

Health Concerns: The Exotic Shorthair is a robust breed but still subject to the same medical concerns as the Persian. It is very important to buy from a reputable breeder as there are a number of concerns with the Persian breed. They are an old breed and as such can suffer from careless breeding, excessive inbreeding, or overbreeding.. At the top of the list are problems associated with an asymetrical jaw. 

These problems can affect the cat’s ability to bite and eat properly, and can also lead to dental problems. Other problems that can manifest themselves in Exotic Shorthairs are sinus problems, tear duct problems and eye problems. It is good to check for these problems in the parents of a kitten you are thinking of buying, and to discuss the issues with the breeder.

Life Span: Approximately 12 – 14 years, Recommended For: With their placid temperament, they are recommended for families, singles and the elderly.