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Javanese Cat Breed Profile

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Javanese Cat Breed Profile

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The Javanese is a Siamese type cat with a medium long coat in the Colorpoint colors: lynx point, tortie point or red cream point. The parent breeds are the Siamese, Colorpoint Shorthair and Balinese. The Javanese’s personality is similar to the parent breeds, active, playful and extremely affectionate and intelligent.

They definitely want to be with their humans, on the lap, shoulder and if allowed in bed. Javanese do talk, but usually only when they want to communicate something; and they have a variety of voices depending upon what they want to say. They are intelligent and have been known to learn to fetch, to find treats in pockets and to do other tricks. They adapt to their owners’ routines, that is, if they don’t train their humans first.


The Javanese coat is one of their most distinctive features, a soft, silky single coat that lies close to the body and develops into a plume on the tail. The fur should be two to three inches long on the body, longer and fuller on the tail to create the plume.

Because there is no undercoat, they require little grooming and usually keep themselves immaculate. Normally baths are only necessary for showing and then a single lather, rinse and a quick blow dry produce a show finish. The fuller coat softens the lines of the cat, and they might not appear as extreme as their shorthaired parent breeds.

To truly appreciate the underlying structure the Javanese needs to be felt and its coat smoothed down. Bath time provides an opportunity to truly assess the fine boning and long lines, and there have been jokes about holding “Wet T-Shirt” contests to truly show their type.

The original Javanese were heavier, shorter-headed cats, and to improve their type most breeders have bred back to Siamese and Colorpoint lines. This produces a variant generation: shorthair cats which carry the recessive long hair gene.

Hopefully these variants produce a more typey longhair when they are bred to a longhair or another variant. Frequent outcrosses to shorthair have contributed to the amazing improvement in type that has been seen over the past ten years. It is a testament to years of work that the Javanese are beginning to hold their own in competition with their parent breeds.