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Nebelung Breed Profile

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Like the Russian Blue, Nebelungs make affectionate, devoted companions, though they may be initially shy with strangers, particularly young children. Nebelungs may take a little extra time to adapt to new homes. The breed is quite rare and is available currently only in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and Russia.

Combining long silky hair with the elegant Russian Blue body type, the Nebelung breed recreates the Russian longhair. These gorgeous cats were exhibited in the very first British cat shows over one hundred years ago. Today they are a championship breed in the International Cat Association (TICA). Although the Russian longhair ceased to exist as a separate breed with the establishment of the modern cat fancy, individual unrelated cats with its traits have appeared in the United States and Russia.


Siegfried (born 1984) and Brunhilde (born 1985) were the first registered Nebelungs. They produced their first litter in 1986. Shortly after the kittens were born, application was made to The International Cat Association (TICA) for new breed status (NBC) for the Nebelung (German for “Creature of the Mist”). The breed standard was based on the Russian Blue, with the exception of coat length. 

In 1987 TICA’s Board of Directors accepted the Nebelungs as longhaired Russian Blues. Today’s Nebelung standard is the same as the Russian Blue, except for coat. The breed was accepted as a new breed in the Cat Fanciers’ Federation (CFF) in 1990 and in the championship category of the Traditional Cat Association (TCA). It is a championship breed in the World Cat Federation (WCF) under the name “Nibelung.”

Since the breed’s start, other foundation cats have been enrolled, as well as cats of pure Russian Blue ancestry with semi-long hair, several of them in Russia itself. Winter Day Georgin of Nebelheim was imported from Russia in 1997. His parents are championship Russian Blues and he is now a TICA champion.

What are Nebelungs Like? A show quality Nebelung will have a long body, long legs, long tail, broad shoulders and a head with flat planes. The hair is blue and tipped with silver. Hair is semi long on the body and long on the plumy tail. The eyes are green. The overall effect is that of a romanticized 1900 cat picture.

A Nebelung is highly intelligent and is loving to its owners and family members, but may be shy with strangers, especially young children. A kitten may take time to adjust to its new home. If allowed to make its own advances, it should become a devoted companion. Many Nebelungs are lap sitters and love to be petted. Often they follow their owners from room to room. If allowed, they enjoy sleeping on their owner’s bed.

How Do I Get a Nebelung Cat or Kitten? Nebelungs are still quite rare. At present there are breeders in Washington State, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, France and Russia. Nebelungs are being shown throughout the U. S. and occasionally in Europe and Russia.

Although the breed is small, there are at least three unrelated Nebelung lines, as well as championship quality Russian Blue lines.Nebelung breeders require a contract to be signed. It requires the new owner to provide indoor facilities for the cat and to keep his or her shots current. Health is guaranteed. In most cases, the contract will include a spay/neuter agreement. The contract is to ensure the welfare of the cat, which comes first with Nebelung breeders.