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Turkish Angora Breed Description

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Turkish Angora Breed Description

Turkish Angora Cat | Breed Profile | Breed Description

This breed is intelligent and quick-witted, as well as active and agile. “Turkeys” can be very opinionated and stubborn; it is difficult to change their minds once they have formed an idea. Those who live with them claim that Turks are one of the only breeds with a sense of humor. They need active play and can become bored if left alone for long periods of time.

The Turkish Angora is a lithe, lean, active cat, medium to small in size. It is a longhaired breed; some say it is the oldest longhair breed of all, the source of the original longhair mutation in the domestic cat.


It is single coated, meaning that it does not have a heavy undercoat as do Persians and Maine Coons. This makes it easier to groom and less prone to shed or mat.

Although most people think of the Turkish Angora as a white cat, it in fact comes in all colors except those that would indicate hybridization with another breed: chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, and the ‘pointed’ colors derived from the Siamese or Burmese.

You can find Turkish Angoras in black, blue, red, cream, silver, smoke, tortoiseshell, blue-cream, and all the shades of tabby, as well as these colors with white trim.

Physical Appearance: The Turkish Angora is a long-bodied, relatively fine-boned cat, small to medium in size. The head is a characteristic wedge shape, set off by large almond eyes and ears which should be as large, tall, and close together as possible.

The coat is characteristically glossy, with a fine silken sheen. The tail is long, like the body, and is ideally a ‘brush’ tail — the hairs are all one length, creating a fox-brush effect.

Temperament: The Turkish Angora is a quick-witted, quick-moving, and sometimes quick tempered cat. They are highly intelligent, and not above manipulating their owners to get what they want. A Turk can teach you to play fetch, to turn on the faucet when she wants a drink, or to child-proof all your cabinets (those narrow little paws can be amazingly agile).

The hallmark of the Turkish Angora is refined, athletic grace. Come home from work, and be greeted by a Turk leaping to your shoulders, purring (not a claw out of place, either). Make dinner, and watch a Turk make a 9-foot leap (from a standing start, no less) to the top of a cabinet (and make it look easy) to supervise (‘Is that salmon for dinner?’)

In the experience of this author (spanning a half-dozen years and as many breeds), the Turkish Angora is the only one to exhibit a genuine sense of humor. Of course, whether you will think your Turk’s jokes are funny is quite a different matter. ~ Jean Marie Diaz